Import Minecraft map ?

Hello all,
So, I’m not really into Minecraft (even though I did like the game a lot when it came out), but the French institution for geographic studies (IGN) has this little tool that generates a minecraft map from a real world map extract :

I wonder if it would be possible to import it in Codea with the help of the Craft Voxel lib

If anyone is familiar with how all of this works … ?

I think at the very least you could write a parser that recreates the voxel structure in the Craft API. But I don’t know much about the Minecraft map format. If you were to write a parser, the LPeg library (included in Codea but not documented) would probably be a good place to start.

Ok thanks @Simeon , I might try this someday

Just to say I am very into minecraft and all of the minecraft formats are saved as text files. but don’t just take my world.