If you could change anything to Codea, what would it be?

For me, it would be the Air Code, I think it would be better if it had a quick select menu (The menu at the bottom of Codea, giving you suggestions of things you can put into your code.) And a reference, what are your changes? :slight_smile:

Better way of applying shaders - I’d do something where you define the start of a “live texture” (something like “pushShader(shaderName)”), then use “popShader” to close the live texture. That way we don’t have to render into an image, then have a shader applied to that.

Project management: a tree view for tabs and a simple way to get files on and off the iPad (and transfer them to other tablets.) Those two things are making it impossible for me to use Codea for the project I want to build.

The text editor, and I’m not living on false dreams its being redone so… Shader reference?

I’m still new to Codea, but I think I’m with Tom on this. I’d like easy to integrate source control. For now, I duplicate the project every so often and give it a version number. And then save to dropbox. And I type everything hunt and peck style on the keypad. It’s slow going, but so is my mind at this point. But It’s hard to imagine doing a more complex project this way. I’m assuming most of you have an actual keyboard connected, or are editing elsewhere and then transferring the files…

If i were to change anything… I would like Plug Ins for MP in my games

A 3d asset browser for importing external meshes (.obj , .ply) efficiently. There’s been ‘lots’ (and I really mean ‘LOTS’) of discussion about this over the last couple of years regarding custom importers, workarounds and hacks - but hopefully, something like this could be integrated eventually, obviously with some restrictions on the size of meshes etc…

I would have also added better sound/music support - but this is coming next! yay! :smiley:

+1 for @tomxp411

++1 @andymac3d

I would at the very least add folders for the projects. I’ve got about 230 projects and scrolling through them to find what I’m looking for is insanity.

+1 @tomxp411

+1 @andymac3d

+1 @JakAttak

+10 @JakAttak

Rename projects as well?

  1. New editor (being worked on)
  2. New project manager
  3. Editor add ons (like in Pythonista)
  4. GPS capabilities
  5. Seamless integration with the forums

A drag and drop system to place many objects fast and simple in your game (Game Maker, Unity, Creation Kit, Construction Set

@Defi But now, thanks to Mark, we have Cider! :slight_smile:

MIDI. Please! At the very least VirtualMIDI. I can always use MidiBridge to normalize it to connect to the other interfaces. I want to write sound designer front ends in Codea because it has the best exploratory graphical library and system I have found. I don’t need the audio generation, I have hundreds of awesome synthesizers in the form of other Apps already, not a wheel I need to re-invent.