IDE's on the iPad

Now with(out) jailbreak here are the IDE’s that ive found that are actually quite nice,

--> means: is an IDE for
||   means: jailbreak counterpart
"Codea" --> lua || "lua" from ininjas repo
"Pythonista" --> python || python and several other packages, from bigboss
"Kodiak" --> php || phpod from bigboss
"Textastic" --> code editor || none so far
"Basic!" --> basic || basic from bigboss
"iDebug" --> general web development || iFile from bigboss
"Scriptkit" --> custom lua quite a powerful tool

I also found

JavaScript anywhere

which compared to codea looks like a pig covered in mud kissing a 50 year old toilet
(just my unbiased opinion)
Just wondering if anyone could add to this list.


textastic = an excellent javascript editor/player/uploader (just forget ‘javascript anywhere’!)

iDebug = very recent app: a powerfull web and variables inspector (text size a bit small)

Basic! = an excellent basic prog environement. Very similar to codea, with similar functions, and a forum that expose many code posted by users (and easier to copy/paste). Seems a bit slower that codea for animation, and also codea is more ‘beautiful’ (for me)

Btw, i have difficulties with code posted on Dropbox: since a recent change in Dropbox interface, i can see the code but cannot esily select the whole code, so can’t copy it easily. If i download the link with phonedrive, i get the whole javscript page, which is not what i want either. Can anyone tell me a simple way to copy the code posted on dropbox from the ipad? (i never link to the PC).

Thanks for the additions looking for a solution to a similar problem I’ll be sure to let you know when I find some answers