Ideas for new 3D feature

(I didn’t have time to check other discussions, I hope these will not be the same ideas in another discussion.)

  1. I really like Codea’s editor when I try to find a nice color with its picker or selecting a sprite easily. I believe this should be a standard in any editor. However with new 3D feature, I found myself not working with Codea’s editor. Why should I write sprite 's name for changing a texture ? (I think it will be not hard to add this feature, because Codea has already its beautiful sprite picker.)

  2. Placing 3D objects is tricky too for me. (As a newbie) Can you add a placer?(locator?)(Like your awesome color picker) for 3d objects in the editor? That would be really easy for newbies to start to writing something rapidly.

  3. I believe that same placer will be really nice if it will do the same thing for putting cameras in 3d world.

  4. And also you can make 3D object generator(cubes, cylinder etc.) too. That will be really nice to add a cube directly :slight_smile:

  5. If you think 2-3 will be hard and our users won’t need it, I think you should start with a 2D objects placing in coordinate system. So you may gather feedbacks about this and later develop 2-3.

I believe these ideas will increase Codea’s beautiful editor’s awesomeness :slight_smile:

Very nice ideas, @tdgunes. You’re right that 3D is a bit on the “programmer” side at the moment.

I’ve added these to the issue tracker to remind myself of them.