Ideas for 2D adventure gaming

There is a type of 2D adventure gaming called roguelike, which started a long time ago before there were decent graphics, and ASCII characters were used to show items, monsters, etc.


Don’t be put off by the primitive graphics - while simple games like these are still being developed, there are all sorts of variations, many of them with much better graphics.

You can get an idea of the variety from google.

What is valuable to us is the huge number of ideas which you will find on roguelike sites, such as roguebasin, which has lots of helpful advice on things like Setting, story, and mood, Roleplaying, Dungeon features, terrain, Combat, Magic, Religion, Interface, Game ideas and many more.

So if you’re stuck for ideas, give it a try!

I know this game (Rogue) existed on ascii calculator with a very fast animation :wink:

I am looking for a game on pc with small rats in a maze viewed from above.
There were various interactions (tunnels, alarms, insecticides, mousetraps).
I can not find it on google. I would fit Codea.

There was also the ascii based StarTrek game. I used to play that a lot on my Apple II.

I am a huge roguelike aficionado. I have been a fan for the longest time, the big nerd I am. Even though the oldest computer I remember using is a 1996 apple at school, I love the classical roguelikes. I am a rare one at my school who would rather play a game with great replay-ability rather than good graphics(or maybe I just got used to my own bad graphics in my games) and loved roguelikes immediately. If you’re looking for iOS inspiration, take a look at POWDER on the App Store. Not a fan? Try Cardinal Quest. Have a fairly beefy computer(it can be bad but the initial world generation will take forever) and want to try something else? Definitely go download Dwarf Fortress. The entire world is generated, and you can manage a fortress like simcity, but in a fantasy world. For the roguelike part, you can switch gamemodes and go adventuring through your own world. Just google it, trust me. The best fantasy game ever, that is. Sorry for my obsession. I have, on numerous occasions, tried to program my own roguelike. If you want to see my best attempt(still pretty bad, that procedural generation stuff) tell me and I will post it to github. Honestly, if you have never played a roguelike, do it now. Seriously. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a great example of a roguelike, if a bit hard to get in to. Thanks for reading this rant.

Just a note, sorry, POWDER will be a bit hard to find on the App Store. It is actually natively for the iPhone, but you still can get it on the iPad by setting it to show iPhone apps. Thanks!