I need help with the suffering of sprites

Can anyone help me with the sprite guard shooting at the player??? It would help me a lot. I’ve always wanted to play a shooter game. I know everything I should happen at that and at that point. I am writing this with a translator. I come from Germany. If someone doesn’t understand me, it’s not bad because I can describe things very badly. Just write to me!

if Training001 then
        sprite(Wache, 850, 500)
        sprite(Spieler, x, y) 
        sprite(asset.builtin.Blocks.Cactus_Inside, 200, 250, 250, 400)
    sprite(asset.builtin.UI.Blue_Button_07, 200, 420)
    sprite(asset.builtin.UI.Blue_Button_07, 300, 250)
    sprite(asset.builtin.UI.Blue_Button_07, 100, 250)
    sprite(asset.builtin.UI.Blue_Button_07, 200, 100)