I need help with the keyboard function

Well I’m in school and I find it very annoying when I’m looking something up on the internet and I have to switch tabs to write it down on word. so I’d like to create a program to have the internet running and a space next to it so I can take down notes. I can already implement the keyboard function but I don’t know how to make the text permanent And I think I might be able to handle the browser part of it.

P.s. I’m a newbie to programming and codea is my first language.

@Butterhouse28 - I’m not sure how easy it’s going to be to do this in Codea (especially as the internet capability is fairly basic), or why you need it in the first place.

Why don’t you simply arrange your web browser and Word so they both fit on the screen next to each other? That would seem the simplest solution by far.

Codea is essentially an animation/gaming program and isn’t suited to desktop applications. You can try to force it to do them, but that’s rather like using Word as a spreadsheet!

@Butterhouse28 It’s hard to give you an example of the keyboard use without having a good explanation of how you want to use it. That said, do a forum search for “keyboard dave1707” and you will find several examples that I posted that show the use of the keyboard. Maybe in one of them you’ll see something that might work for you and we can go from there.

That’s a bummer but thanks for the help anyway.

I got this as a challenge, is a Good idea to develop. Give me some time :wink:
Edit: can a browser embed on a codea run time?

I don’t think any app can embed in another app…

@Ignatz he might mean WebKit not a browser app, which in that case it can be

Exactly… But i cant by the moment, the openUrl function open a browser on top the current program.