How to used the codes to create apps?

How to use codea, is it hard?

That’s a very broad question. To learn Codea, look at the example projects on the app, or visit the wiki. As far as the difficulty is, it depends on who you are. If you are good at math, logic, and have any programming experience, then it should be fairly easy.

It can be hard at times but it’s very rewarding. Until about a month ago I’d not done any programming at all, I knew nothing about it but I stumbled onto codea and it look very interesting, I’m still working on my first game and I’ve had a lot of help from the good people on here but if you are interested in making your own little games then I’d say go ahead!

I’d highly recommend the beginners book for codea by @Ignatz, the link to it is above in the wiki link.

If you’ve had previous programming experience (im assuming ur just starting out), then no, its not, but If ur just starting out, then I recommend getting into the addiction of Codea!

I need an Codea intervention!

@Sandcastle Codea use the most simple language to program something. Really. And it gives you almost total access to your ipad power.
that being said, programming is more difficult that drawing a cow in a meadow. You have to read documentation, examples. But you can start by copying short code example and learn slowly, step by step. You’ll get a huge pleasure to see a circle following you fingerr, or changing color when you hold it. And then you’ll get caught, and do more and more.

@Sandcastle yep its hard, very very hard, so run away fast!

@Paul123 If we ran away from anything hard, then life would be boring. It builds character.

@Briarfox - I tend to use spritely to build my characters but, if that gets too hard, I sometimes use the ones provided :slight_smile:

@ScottDafydd You sir, are a brave man by using spritely.

I haven’t actually opened spritely since I first got Codea. Forgot how easy it was to use. Just made a simple mod to save the image to documents instead of outputting code.

Keep meaning to rewrite that thing (there were no documents when it was “born”).

@Mark I tossed a version with document saving up on CC. I didn’t realize you wrote it.