How to use Dropbox with new asset system

Just got a new iPad and wanting to set up access to Dropbox assets (if possible). Is there a way of addressing that with the new asset system? I am currently downloading my assets into the Codea root to enable project running but prefer to not have all assets on my iPad to save memory.

One other issue - I am currently getting a not secure message from Safari when I log onto and an extended attempt to login from my new tablet.

Questions :

Can you log into Codea consecutively from two different computers ? Or two different browsers ?

If you don’t log out on one system (computer or browser) will it restrict you logging in on another ?

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For Dropbox, try the “add external folder” icon in the assets browser. Then you can select your Dropbox folder and it will not copy into Codea, it will use it in-place

Re. Forums, you should be able to login from multiple devices. If you have an error that is occurring it would be great to get the details (screenshot, message, etc)

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@sim - thanks for the reply, last time I used the assets panel I struggled to get access to external resources. After using it this time I managed to get access to a network drive and Dropbox.

So I’m up and running again.

Thank you.