how to text

i know?please delete this post

Use the AnyFont app to install the font you need and then just put the name in “quotes” as a parameter to the fomt() function

font is in ios?and it could be called with english alphabet?i mean chinese character?maybe change chinese into utf8?

Ah - Hmm not sure about this, can you type the characters on the system keyboard? If you can you can probably just type them in quotes (like the emoji ones), however be warned if you access a page with the text on with AirCode then it’ll get messed up.

I was thinking about a similar thing for using the emoji graphics, possibly converting a buffer into a string and then converting it back again

@TechDojo its cool! i look forward to it very much.

@TechDojo what app do you use?

@ericyamoto - do do what? If you want to install custom fonts then you need the iPad app - AnyFont (


Thank you @TechDojo :slight_smile: