How to open local file in web browser?

I think i’ve seen it is possible, but i dont know what is the path syntax.
I’ve tried the usual os.getenv… etc that give the file adress, but this does not work.
I think we simply have to replace the beginning part by local/ or something, but dont kno exactly.
Anyone knows?

Usualy you write it like that: file://myfile.ext. I’ve fail with this. That the first thing I try when openURL was implemented, to write some UI at low cost :slight_smile:
It seem that Codea openURL does not handle that protocol. But I can be wrong.

OpenURL can be used to open other applications, I doubt individual files like text files are readable in the built in browser but I think you can with safari…

@Luatee - I doubt you can open local file from safari, it’s an ios security model.
A little trick can be to echo your local file from a server (read and send the file from Codea and openURL to it).

@toffer Im guessing that will be different for jailbreak (assuming you’ve downloaded something like safari download manager)

Thanks guys.
@Simeon or @Bortels or @toadkick any suggestion?