How to include assets not in codea's asset pack?

I’m working on a mapeditor and want to give users some basic maps to start off. The files are stored as customized .TXT files within the os.env home/document folder. However, when I export it, the files do not get packed in as per the other graphic/sound assets. How do I include them in the right folder in Xcode and compile correctly?

Many thanks!

Codea only exports the assets that can be found using the asset viewer afaik. If you want to save a text file for export I’d go with saveLocalData, I’m sure there are other ways but this is the easiest and best imo.

Why not use saveText and readText?

Tks both. The txt files are rather large. I can technically make a really large text string and save it as savetext. I also found out that when i export manually, the files are exported in the documents folder. Let me see if that works.

@SkyTheCoder doesn’t saveText write to Apples documents folder rather than the projects local?

@Luatee It saves to the app’s documents, not the project’s (though you can use “Project:filename”), but I would assume it would be included in an export. All the other assets you use are included automatically.

@SkyTheCoder ahh okay, for comparison though does saveText/readText act quicker than save/readLocalData?