How to import?

How can I import an EPS graphic I made into Codea?

@Paul123 I don’t think you can ( citation needed ) because of openGL but if you can and you’ve created it on pc/mac your best bet is to email it to your ipad and copy and paste the file into your project

That sucks a bit :frowning:

but ok, I’ve rejiggled my images and have one more question.
Can I import one big image 2754x1305 and then have Codea ‘cut up’ the image into 8 different sprites? can I do that?

@Paul123 Yes, there are multiple ways to do that. You can use image.copy(x1, y1, x2, y2) or use a mesh with different texCoords.

@Paul123 Here is a shader that can split up an image and only display one part: