How to host a website from a ipad

Well the title is pretty much self explanatory but can it be done. My laptop currently does not work so I can’t use that but is there a free, non-jailbroken way of doing it. I’m also not going to use those ‘free’ hosting packages as they are extremely restricted and end up costing. Thanks

You need a laptop to host the server, but you can upload all the pages and files using Textastic.

I don’t know if you mean using your iPad as the host, but there are companies that you can use to buy a domain and have them host the website for you. I use Dreamhost.

@SkyTheCoder I don’t want to use a company to host it, what I ment was use my ipad as the host/server

@kirorp Sorry, I think I was confused by “I’m also not going to use those ‘free’ hosting packages.”

Then, no, I don’t think it’s possible. How do you host a website on a laptop, though?

Hi @kirorp,

You can using but you would have to compile it in Xcode, you cannot do it natively through Codea as I don’t believe there is a sockets library built in…

This is how Codea’s AirPlay works I think, as an embedded webserver…


@SkyTheCoder for laptops and home computers there are server software. for windows there is wamp ( windows apache mysql php), for mac ( mac apache mysql php) and linux ( linux apache mysql php).
@brookesi yeah, codea has no socket support in this version. but that is along the lines i was thinking. air code creates a server which you can connect to by ip but with what i was thinking you could add a domain onto it.

Hi @kirorp,

The problem is that you are unlikely to have a static IP address if your ipad is connected to e.g. your wireless router connected to your ISP… There are services or software that will automagically remap your dynamic IP to something a domain nameserver can pickup, but you are getting into fairly esoteric areas here…

@kirorp, I guess this is the sort of thing you’d need…, Google for dynamic ip domain or similar…

@brookesi plus i might have to port forward

@kirorp, yep, quite possibly…

I’m considering testing a local webserver for local multiplayer in a Codea game

If you have pythonista you can host on an iphone and and test from codea.

@JakAttak you mentioned laptops, can you go into more deal? I have a laptop now running linux ubuntu 14.04 lts. Also lamp is now installed on it.

Pythonista has an HTTP server built in. You don’t want to run a server from your home, trust me. It’s way to complex and goes down a lot. Also, please don’t ask that here. Ask on StackOverflow.

@kirorp, I don’t know how to host a server from linux, but i’m sure google does

There’s an app called binary which looks like it might do this: it’s out for beta now.