How to build a Catapult?

Hi guys, i’m looking for a way to build a Catapult Object. I played around with physics objects, but i can’t figure how to fix a object in his center. Any help are welcome.

There is a project called Controllers out here that has a bunch of controllers that do things like a virtual joystick, and a slider. One of them is called Controller_Catapult.

Check out:

Thanks a lot for your answer @aciolino. This could help me, but maybe i did’nt use the correct word (french is my mothertongue), i’m looking for something like a “rolla bolla” That we are used to see in a circus.

That’s a board on a round tube…that’s using the gravity functions of the ipad, tilting left and right. -1 to 1 on the X and Y axis.

You are my hero @aciolino! :smiley:
So simple! May i as you a last question? Related to your previous answer, i tried the catapult class, but i can’t figure how to init the object, i do not understand what to pass… Thanks in advance!

Those classes are a bit challenging for a person to pick up and use - they are all based on callbacks and LUA functions. It would take a bit of a post tro respond to this and I can’t do that right now.

Suffice to say, those calsses don’t do what you are looking for. Use Gravity.

Ok @aciolino, i’ll look how callback are handled in lua. Thanks anyway!