How sprites are made for video games

Hey guys, I was wondering how video game companies made thier own sprites. I looked on the internet and it has a lot of info about history of computer art and tutorials on how to program games, but not much on the process of making sprites themselves. I am just curious if anyone knows how it’s done.

On Computers of course.

It all starts with your imagination and an app like iDraw

Thanks guys

Some people draw on paper first, to collect ideas. Other use drawing software on pc (e.g. photoshop) straight away, to make their sketches. Finally sketches get ‘inked’. - Clean outlines get applied and the drawings get painted. Ready.
You can also scan in your drawings from paper and use those images in your game.


To create animations you have also two ways: digital and analog (paper).
Digital means using Flash or other animation soft. When ready you most likely end up with a couple of single images. You can then combine them to a big spritesheet by using an app like ‘zwoptex’