How many frames in one second?

Hello, I just want to know there’re how many frames in one second in Codea.

@machinemxy, on a program that runs at full speed there are 60 FPS, it may be less if you are running an intensive program. You can test this out by putting'1/DeltaTime') in your program

@Jordan Thank you very much for your instant reply. By the way, is there any way to fix the speed on 30 FPS so that it will be smooth even the program is intensive?

@machinemxy, it is usually a bad approach to limit the FPS in Codea, it would be better to optimize your program to use DeltaTime to control movements, e.g. : player.x = player.x + speedPerSecond * DeltaTime, this will cause your program to have smooth movement no matter the frame rate. The physics library already does this, and many other professional games use this technique.

@Jordan It looks a good method! : )