How does current autocomplete choose what to autocomplete?

Hi–can’t wait for 2.0 and more robust autocomplete! Good on you guys!

But in the meantime, can anyone tell me how the current autocomplete works exactly? It auto completes class names, that I get, but once in a while it seems to auto complete class variables inside the class definition also. But I’m not positive that’s it, because it doesn’t happen reliably.

Can anyone tell me the precise workings of the current system?

@UberGoober it works with string matching obviously, but it also works in scopes like lua does itself. If you’re in a class tab, it will take all the variables in Class:Init(x) (all variables are self.variable) so whenever you type self. you will get all the variables in Class:Init showing up. This will work through the whole tab but won’t show it outside the scope of that tab, after that it is just global functions etc. The new auto correct aims to add in local functions within function scopes (I believe this is true…) but definitely global variables defined by the user.