How do you publish an app like Cargo-bot?

I have a developer account with Apple. When I create a project, how can I export to Xcode so I can publish?

Please see the Readme file available on the Codea Runtime Library project:

This explains the steps necessary to get the Codea project off your iPad and onto your computer, and then how to use Xcode to turn it into a native app.

I’ll post about it when I get home with step by step instructions.


Working on it now.

I’am very new to this and having an issue with terminal. Been a mac user for over ten years and never have or had a use for terminal. So can anyone tell me the exact syntax for the ./ Every time I try to use it I get the following:

Doug-Gardners-MacBook-Pro:~ Doug$ ./ First.codea
-bash: ./ No such file or directory
Doug-Gardners-MacBook-Pro:~ Doug$

Thanks for any input on this since this whole process is very confusing to me.

Like the Finder, the Terminal will open viewing a specific directory. You’ll need to tell it what directory to use by using the cd command. This is because the ./ command needs to be run from the folder where the file exists.

By default, Terminal will open pointing to your Home directory. This is the same folder that the little house icon in the Finder side-bar points to. You need to change directories to where the make_project script is located.

The easiest way to do this is to type "cd " (with a space afterwards) into terminal and then drag and drop the folder you want to change to onto the terminal window. This will insert the location. Press return.

Then try the ./ command. The rest you can do in Finder and Xcode.

I never knew you could do that to change directory. That’s really slick! Thanks, Simeon!