how do you convert a new created file into a pure text file?

whenever you create a new blank file does there always have to be an executable? How do you get it to run inspite of what ever you have in the created blank file?

to further elaborate in the Anagram demo theres a Words file but in order to use it there was also a table directly embedded in it also named… you guessed it Words.

I’m just wondering if there’s a way to have something like text inside a file (lets call the hypothetical file blank)
without having yo set blank equal to something be it a table nor a string.

I mean why can’t you just put a string into a newly created blank file without having to set it equal to the string? If you can then how can you.

Also aside from the commented out header is there anyway to use debug.getinfo to get just the file/tab name?

@Anonycode I’m not sure anyone understands what you’re after. When you create a new file, it doesn’t have to be an executable. You can delete the setup and draw functions so the file is totally empty. You can then key in anything you want, save it, open it up again, add or delete whatever you want, but that’s about it. The editor is designed for you to key in a program and execute it. It sounds like you want to key in some text and save it to a file and be able to use that file to be read by another program. A file doesn’t have to be defined in advance which sounds like what you’re talking about. Since Codea doesn’t support file io, that isn’t possible. The closest thing to saving a file is to create a new program, delete everything under the main tab, create another tab, delete everything under that tab, then do something like str=" " keying whatever text you want in between the " " . Then from other programs, you can use dependencies to include that str text and read it char by char if you want. Until Codea supports file io, anything you try to do with the editor has to be defined in some way or the editor is going to give you an error. If I’m totally off the mark on what you want, can you explain more.