How did you Learn lua?

I just wanted to know how you learned how to script in lua. Maybe it will help me learn.

I just picked it up by googling Lua tutorials. Then I just read the posts on here and asked questions when I was stumped!

I’ve written an ebook that may help you, here

I done both of the above. @ignatz e book is great and I have a copy handy at all times :slight_smile:

By just getting stuck in and experimenting, googling and reading the manual lots :smiley:

@Ignatz’s e-book is an excellent reference for beginners and its all in context to Codea :slight_smile:

Id recommend master the syntax first so you can easily identify and fix typos that will prevent you running your code.

Start simple and gradually build your knowledge :slight_smile: always try and keep your variables and functions clearly named and your code simple, well organised and spaced out.

There was a nice cheat sheet posted here a little while ago aswell

Edit: Here’s the manual too :slight_smile:

Trial and error.

Looking at the Lua docs (the Reference Manual and Programming in Lua) and the examples provided with Codea and in the forums here. I’ve never used Lua except in Codea. OTOH I’ve worked with many programming languages so picking up Lua was easy. I also recommend @Ignatz 's ebooks for beginners.

The bigger trick is learning Codea’s environment and libraries on the iPad–the lack of organized documentation has been bothersome. For example, I’ve had Codea for almost 2 years but only yesterday found a link ( , bullet 3.5) that explains the example programs provided with the Codea system.

But documentation has considerably improved since my first encounter with Codea almost 2 years ago. On both the iPad and my PC (when I’m using AirCode) I’ve bookmarked the Lua books, and Lua’s libraries are now included in the editor-level documentation. And people on the forums are friendly and span a wide range of Lua expertise, so answers are just a friendly question away.

I learned the same way as @dave1707. Using my knowledge of other programming languages I was able to learn Lua fairly quick through trial and error, and, of course, with the help of this great community :smiley:

Hi all. I’m going on holiday and wanted to download Ignatz’ “Lua for Beginners” on my iPad. The link however is dead. Anyone has an updated link? Ignatz?

@Uglymike - Here

I am learning using @Ignatz’ ebook, and by studying the example projects and tweaking them.

Great! Thanks a lot, Ignatz! Downloaded the lot. The 3d stuff also looks very interesting! Maybe this time I’ll stick around longer with Codea…

@Uglymike - Codea is cooool…

Some of the ebooks are unfinished, eg the Codea one, there is just too much to write about.

Try the shaders too, they are not as nasty as they seem

learned lua here. Process still going on.

Same here ^^

Reference and wiki, trial and error, all that stuff. The wiki is too complicated for my tastes, though :slight_smile: And @Ignatz is right, Codea is cool…

I am still learning code, too (*)

@Ignatz, i don’t know about that, I’ve tried before and shaders still go over my head :stuck_out_tongue:

@JakAttak - did you try my ebook? (I’m not saying I’m any sort of great writer, but I tried to explain it the way I understood it).

I like to just fiddle around with existing code and find how it works. I do have a background in Java though, so it’s a lot easier to pick up new programming languages.

@Ignatz, yes I’ve read your ebook :slight_smile: (Im not trying to say you did a bad job, it seems to have helped lots of people)