How can I record the output without Codea’s UI being in the recording?

It’s like a watermark, obviously no one wants the IDE’S UI on their exported video.
Also, is there a way to export frame-by-frame? And to control the start and end of the recording from the code? (Which is necessary when one wants to create perfect loops and other time-sensitive imagery.)

There are commands to startRecording and stopRecording.

@luna if you use displayMode(FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS) and then either use the iOS system level recording feature (pull down from control centre) or use the API commands like @dave1707 suggested then you can get a pure recording of your project

However, if you use FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS then pull down the control panel to start the system recorder … the buttons appear.

Good point @Mark. If you go that route then start system recording while in the editor and trim it later