Hi there! I'm new to moderation.

Hello, everyone!
So many of all already know me, the little kid who had no idea in internet a year ago, now I’m here to help. So yesterday I’ve came into moderating and removed 3 spam accounts today. Yet, I’ve missed to ban all three. May someone find those three and ban them, I currently have no idea how to find these three. So, I am looking into warm greetings!

The three ‘users’ have been advertising a link somewhere that looked like a chatroom, can we generally ban the email services they are using?


they are all domains that apparently are just made for generating spambot accounts.

E: In general, would a forum backup make sense?

Thanks in advance, regards,

@Anatoly Mods don’t have the power to ban email services. I generally don’t ban anyone until they post something unrelated to Codea.

I’ve been trying to ban email domains but they just keep generating more

It’s almost so bad that I feel like just white-listing known good email providers (which are almost all @gmail.com / @me.com / @iCloud.com)

yahoo.com, mail.ru, and some other are also legit. Maybe a user-approving system, for now, till we find a solution?

New users can post as always, but at first only moderators see the post, then either approving or banning the account, would be an option.

Edit: And we can add the white list, too.

Known email providers are white listed, and other users have to be approved.

@Simeon Is there anyway to restrict a new user from posting anything for 24 or 48 hours.

Could be made (I guess Simeon has access to the code of the talk). But 24 hours are a bit too much. Imagine a new user having trouble with code: “Due to security reasons, you are allowed to talk on the next day.”

Can we test if IP bans work?

Everything they use is fake. Need something like sending a number or something back to their email and require them to send it back. If their email is fake, they never get the message to send back and they don’t get accepted.

Right, so you talk about a verification system! Maybe a captcha, letting the people either write numbers or identify traffic light between 9 pictures?

Doing the captcha doesn’t stop them. Just picking enough random squares will eventually get through. If they give fake email addresses, then they never get the response.

True. Yeah, I guess the response system would fix it!

@Simeon; cleaned a raid today, list of raiders:

54216 ShirleenGa
54221 MillardKna
54217 GidgetTher
54225 EliseWilli
54230 DanMazza54
54214 TroyBierma

What do you think of moving from verification via email to verification via social networks? Move the responsibility to the big people so to say. I suggest GitHub, Google and eventually Facebook and Twitter. Is that possible?

Thank you @Anatoly! I do it daily but it is getting overwhelming

I usually delete a lot of spam posts when I get on the forum first time in the morning. It seems like it’s just part of reading the forum.

Verification is pretty common these days, but I don’t know if it would cut down on the spam or not.