Hi All!

I just recently purchased Codea, and I’m hoping to make some wonderful creations, with the main focus being intractable/Destructible(Physics) 3D Worlds. I know it is not easy, but i am willing to learn it. Any E-Books or In-Depth tutorials focused on the two things above would be very much appreciated.

Justin, I suggest you start with Lua, the underlying language, then move on to Codea.

I wouldn’t start on anything specific until you have mastered the basics.

There are several ebooks listed on the wiki link above

Sorry, should have clarified this, I have the basics down, I want to move on to the more advanced stuff now.

I suggest you search the forum(link at top), a couple of the guys have done destructible stuff

Thanks, @Ignatz
Very appreciated!

@JustinDrake - just PM those guys if you need any more. But I don’t think there are any tutorials.

Anyway, welcome!