[Help needed] PIO - Server scripting.

Hello, I’d like to ask: Have you ever tried to make an online multiplayer game? PlayerIO.com would be a choice.
However their servers are scripted in c#; we could still use them to fairly collect data.

I’ve got a JavaScript PIO installed (raw code) and I am trying at this time to rewrite it into our Codea, I have hopes that, if everything goes correctly, we’d be able to jump into a new Codea era being able to write server side games - purely on the iPad.

But simply you could ask, why I’d need helpers? Well said, i need you just to make things happen faster. If I will translate JS Code with 4000 lines of codes (or 2000, need to view again) it will be surely slower than maybe 3 people working on it.

I have already started a bit, just some function, nothing special yet. I just hope JS won’t surprise me with something impossible in lua. I am currently experiencing with js’s XMLHttpRequest which is the main part. If our http.request doesn’t support live updating I could try something like every second a new http call, then we’d still have the same.

If you’d like to help, PM me, I’ll give you my current progress and the PIO-code.

What do you think?

Edit: If you want to help you’ll need to understand JS - what’s going on/ and having programming experience with Lua, and of course the wish to help :slight_smile: