Help, Codea doesn't run on ios7

I installed ios7 on my ipad3, but codea getting unstable, it die when i loaded program.
Is there someone have the same troubles ?

For me, it crashes randomly when I press the play or restart button. There is also a bug I found where there will be “ghost” text, that can’t be removed.

you can try deleting and reinstalling codea, or wait for an update for ios 7

Please try deleting and re-installing Codea. Back up your projects using iExplorer first ( ). Let me know how this goes.

Codea should run fine under iOS 7 — but make sure you are running the latest version (1.5.5). My only thought is that something went amiss during the upgrade.

What do you mean “Ghost text”

Thank you for your advise. I have a lot of projects have to be backed up,
I will wait for the next version up. Do you have any plans of upgrading in the near future?

I get Ghosting as well but it’s not codea specific. I’ll see the last app I ran ghosted behind the app I am currently in. So in Codea I can usually see safari behind it.

@Briarfox that sounds like a hardware issue with your screen — LCD ghosting, where you can see remnants of the previously displayed image after it switches. Does it disappear after a while?

I have a “ghosting” problem as well but it happens on the youtube app. Seems like a glitch on ios 7 if others are getting it to.

I get LCD ghosting on my iPad 4. It doesn’t have anything to do with the OS, as I’m still on 6. It might however be more noticeable with 7 due to the drastic UI changes. It usually goes away after awhile.

@Simeon, seems to only be between apps. Codea Code editor never ghosts when I run a project. @toadkick, I had the issue in ios6, it wasnt new with 7 but i notice it a lot more.

On some older LCD screens there used to be something that would happen where if you have your brightness turned up really high, and have a high contrast color, it can get temporarily burned into the screen and then it will give you kind of a ghosting effect, I am not sure however as I have an iPad mini, and have also had the ghosting effect, specifically towards the corners of my screen. It seems to come and go randomly when transitioning between different screens, but generally will go away if I change the orientation or switch to a different screen and switch back.

I also have that on my iPad 1. If something on the screen is bright white, switching to a black screen will show the white things as a ghost. It goes away fast enough as not to be a problem.