Has anyone made a walk animation for the default dudes?

My little mod of Xavier’s box maze is still using a little rolling CargoBot box as the player avatar, and it would be awesome to replace it with something else that also uses just the default assets.

I can’t be the only one who’d like to have a version of the built-in Minecraft guys that had a walk cycle—has anyone here actually done it?

@UberGoober I remember helping someone long ago make a person walk. There were 4 different views of a person walking, one towards us, one away, one to the right, and one to the left. Each of those 4 directions had the person take steps and repeat. So it was a table of images with 4 entries. Each of those entries had images of him walking. So depending on which way he walked, the images repeated for that direction. If you can find images, it can be done.

Um @dave1707 I’m talking about 3D models.

The existing 3D models in the app.

@UberGoober For walking cycle, do you mean a 3D model that looks like it’s actually walking. If that’s the case you still need a 3D model for each cycle.

I’m talking about a 3D model in a 3D environment, for which you only need one animation.

In fact one could do it with just two poses— left foot forward and right foot forward—which would look pretty crude, but would work, and it seemed like the sort of thing someone might have done already.

By the way, my first job in games (after QA) was as an Art Tech, processing walk cycles for sprites in 8-bit games, which I’m only mentioning to say that I am very familiar with what is required to make them.

@UberGoober I guess my “cycle” is your “pose” to make it look like it’s walking. I haven’t seen anything in 3D here that I can remember. So if you can find a 3D model somewhere with the different poses, then it should be easy enough.

I’m just surprised no one’s done it yet. Am I wrong in assuming those assets get used a lot?

@UberGoober I’m sure they do, but other than rotating or moving them, that’s about all the animation you’re going to get from them.

which dudes? do they even have movable bits?

The Minecraft-looking dudes, I think asset.builtin.Blocky_Characters.Man is one.

They don’t have movable bits, but they’re so simple that I have to think it wouldn’t be hard to split the single rectangular uni-leg into two rectangular bottom legs—at least not for someone who knows Blender or what have you.

If I ever teach myself Blender to do I’ll share it.

There’s an app called Nomad Sculpt for iPad, cost a small fee, but it’s a 3D editor, if you want to keep all you Codea related work on iPad.

I just tested it out and I was able to export the blocky characters by using the “add to+” button and putting them in “documents”, then using Files app to move them to my own location. Importing the obj works fine in Nomad but the skin is not attached, haven’t played enough with it yet myself to know what next to do to get the skin texture back on the model but I’m sure it’s not hard.

@skar I don’t think that app handles animation.

I found this free one called Sketch 3D, the interface is just awful but it does seem to handle animation.

Good point, it’s seems that animation is possible with some finagling of the tools

After watching those guides I realized he’s doing 2D image animations from his 3D renders, not actual 3D animation as you want. Still I’ll leave the link because it’s interesting.