Great free 3D LiDAR Scanner iPad app you can use to make 3D models and import them into Codea

Hi, Everyone.

If anyone was looking for a way to scan 3D images from their environment and make 3D models out of them to use in their Codea projects and has a newer iPad equipped with Lidar, I’d recommend the following free app:

The app can export models its creates in many formats including .obj which Codea can then easily import.


@SugarRay that’s really cool - thanks for the heads up

You’re most welcome, @West. I have a lot of fun with it. I take a lot of pictures of environmental scenes then import them as background 3d models. For fun I also had my wife scan me as a 3D model then uploaded my 3D self to the Mixamo animation site I mentioned in another post where I could add animations to my 3D self and was then able to show off some cool capoeira moves. Now just need to wait til Codea is able to import animations… :slight_smile: