Gravity Wars - giving away my code on unfinished game

Hello Codea people!

In 2009 I discovered Gravity Wars, a really cool physics-based artillery game, and made a Windows version for it:

In 2015 I discovered Codea and started writing an iPad game with it. But after getting pretty far I didn’t have enough time to finish. I’ve been meaning to share my code for years now, but never got around to it.

The code is in crappy shape (I wrote it before I learned version control with Git or did any serious coding) and will need some minor debugging to run. I have all the sprites needed, but they’ll need to be hooked up correctly (they were connected to my DropBox folder). Please go to the DropBox folder to get the code and all the sprites (along with the Photoshop files).

I would love for someone to take this project and make something with it! Feel free to sell it as an iPad app!

I’d be able to find some time to answer questions.

I am releasing all the code and assets under the MIT License (just like my Video Hub App project)

@yboris Very interesting game. I’m not sure how you control the initial direction of the shot. Interesting watching how each mass controls the direction of the shot.

@yboris OK, I figured out how to change the angle and the force. Because of RETAINED, the display values for the angle and force get overwritten. You’re correct that the code needs some debugging, but it looks like it’s just minor things. Overall, the code seems to work great and some of the text needs fixing.

Wow that’s cool, kind of reminds me of Scorched Earth or Worms but in space with orbital physics

I also ported my code to Love2D - it’s in much better shape now, in case someone wants to take a look: