Grab Files From OneDrive


just recently started using Codea - fantastic! WOW!

However I am a heavy OneDrive user (1TB+ storage heavy) and so would love more people to allow OneDrive in addition to DropBox access.

I know it is not as simple as DropBox, but there are a lot of great apps that do it and Codea is a GREAT APP so it should do it :slight_smile:

Anyway, just a suggestion. Right now I am trying to create a different workflow for myself but would love it to be integrated.

Thanks In Advance,

Just a random question, what would happen if you put your dropbox folder as a sub folder inside your current one drive folder?

That way you could use one drive to store / access files and the dropbox/apps/codea folder would be inside it.

@TechDojo sounds like a bad idea to me, the two could have different algorithms for resolving conflicts. Git strongly advises against putting a git folder inside any file sharing folder

Sounds like a bad idea to me too :slight_smile:
All the more reason to give it a try…

I suppose if your careful it might work

All the more reason to give it a try…

You first! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m guessing that’s up to I don’t have a problem keeping the two systems nice and separate :slight_smile:

@TechDojo … So your suggestion is to take all the Codea stuff I want to move around and store that on my OneDrive account (using my local folders etc) and then to point DropBox to that subdirectories of my OneDrive account.

It seems feasible in that it is only syncing data not physical pointers, however that is not the problem. I do not have a paid DropBox account thus I am limited in its size whereas my OneDrive account is in the Terrabytes.

No matter what “trick” I use, Dropbox will still have its limitations.

D - basically yes, however even the free dropbox account is worth about 2gig of space, which if you only use it for Codea then it’s more than enough - plus you can get extra space by using an invite code and in turn sending out extra codes. So far my free dropbox space is about 16gb, PM me with your email address if you want me to send you an invite which should net you another 500mb.

@TechDojo - thanks, I will see how things go with the way I am doing things for now.

However if it becomes too much of a pain I will be back.

If you want it, get it with the API : :wink:

@HyproVitalyProtago - not interested at this time in modifying/extending Codea or writing an App to do that. But if I get desperate, perhaps I will.