got sockets?

Sooo, we’ve got socket support built in? How do I use it? It is documented? Thanks!

Try searching the forum for info and examples.

Thank you Dave - I did see those, but some of them spoke of sockets as being a feature in beta testing. I wasn’t sure if it went prime time and, if so, if it was documented beyond the forum discussions anywhere.

Yeah, sockets exist. I saw some code on a post in this forum that worked, so you can try that.

Has anyone (@Ignatz ? others?) had any luck connecting two iPads via Codea / LuaSockets on different networks? Is this just an issue of port forwarding, or…? It’s all a bit new to me, but I’d love to know if its possible, and how. Thanks!

Here’s some forum posts I found
Example of Sockets in a program.
How to start with sockets in Codea.
Discussing Sockets.
Questions with some answers.