Google Login all blowed up?

Hey - this is actually @bortels (what. a. surprise.)

did google login blow up? it’s not an option in the sidebar anymore. I weep bitter tears. More to the point - this isn’t the same account, so I can’t see/edit my old stuff. And again, the tears.

Is that gone for good? or will it come back? If a tree falls over in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Sorry @bortels! We were getting 100 spam-bots signing up per day through the Google (and OpenID) logins, so I disabled them.

Are you not able to login to your account through the regular sign in form? Because there is still a user account for you that you should be able to access. If not, I can reset the password for you and you can try — Let me know.

Edit: I’ll just reset your account password anyway — it would be no good to login with your Google credentials.

I’m in with the reset password, yay! It wouldn’t let me sign in as my usual name because the account was already taken. Thanks!