Good Games

Really really Good programmes come up now, as foretaste to the competitiones?
Programmes as moonlander, roboarm, fireworks, the Cube and this calculator - everything is a masterpeace. If this games were in the App Store, i would think about bying them. Their all AMAZING. I would Love to See them all in the example section!
I can learn so much from these codes… Thank you to all the great code-editors!

If you missed ruilov’s Pacman, you’ve missed the best.

so amazing… i wonder how you guys can do something like THIS. i needed a month to make a little man move. in ONE DIRECTION. with simple buttons.

Hey guys I barely joined. Codea is so awesome

What are your guys opinions about codea?

What good games has codea made or people on codea made?

Look at the first topic on the forums, called App Store games and apps made with Codea, there are tons!

@mark you have right jajaj pacman is one of the most impresive games

welcome @iruizlopez137

First of all, you can look at the main Codea page for a video of cool examples (
Some of my other favorites
TouchLine by James Frost
ChipBots by @Mark
Stack3r by @John
I’m missing a lot, but I don’t have the time to brainstorm a full list. You can also check posted code on the Codea wiki.

hello world, take a look at my website ( ) to find forum game’s project ( txt format ). It’s easy to download. for my projects, for codea’s favorites.

it’s not finished yet.