Glitch : Free game-art assets released into the public domain

As some of you may know, sadly in 2012 the multiplayer game ‘Glitch’ shut down. It was pretty innovative at the time and got quite a bit of interest from online gamers as well as being really nicely designed.

The developers recently released their entire asset library of game-art into the public domain for individuals to use for their own projects (via the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal License).

There’s often discussion on this forum regarding where people can find free game-art for their Codea projects and this seems like a good fit and in the spirit of how the developers would like the assets used in the future.

I’ve had a quick look and a lot of the archives are in .FLA/.SWF format (which I guess can be reverse engineered) as well as a lot of .png spritesheets and icons.

The link is here if anyones interested:


@andymac3d Yes! This is brilliant thanks! <:-P

Here is a link to grab individual assets. I had used a bunch of the animation sheets to learn sprite sheets awhile back.

Nice one @Briarfox - I forgot about the ‘Encyclopedia’, its really useful!

Although I suspect the .zip archives and Gists might have even more useful stuff (especially the beautiful backgrounds) - although you’ll probably need a .swf ripper/decompiler to suck the assets out. :wink:

@Simeon, it appears that the CC license allows individuals to use these assets commercially. Maybe its worth looking at this again for inclusion in Codea? :slight_smile:

@andymac3d definitely something to consider. I have had a look at them and it would be a bit of work to pick out the really useful ones, sort, crop and name them appropriately. But it might be useful for everyone.

The next version of Codea features downloadable asset packs (to keep the base app size small). So it gives us some freedom to expand and make more “built-in” assets available.

@Simeon - great stuff. I’ll try and see how far I get with downloading/extracting stuff from the archives - i’m sure some of this process can be easily automated. :wink:

@Simeon, I think you should also look into including the full platformer art. It includes a lot more stuff

@JakAttak +1

Well lads idk if this could be of any use, but I just found this, tho idk if anyone could use it in this format…?

@steven8ter, I also noticed that the art was up on opengameart, but I prefer the Glitch Site for the art because its all there, not the bits and pieces of it like opengameart, but nonetheless, opengameart is still a great open art source(With the complete Platformer Art by!!)

I found and bought some very nice assets from them and they also have free stuff as well.