So - I’m looking at options for management of my Codea stuff; I’m a packrat, and even with the new selector managing a giant flat list of files is difficult, and without built-in versioning… let’s just say it’s getting ugly.

What I want to do is use git to manage my Documents directory (my ipad is jailbroken - I highly recommend it; ssh, git, rsync, and the usual command-line development stuff make development a lot easier), and use git to sync the local repo out to a remote repo, and vice versa.

But - I want to say there was a time in the past when people tried this, and found that Codea clobbered certain files on startup. I don’t recall exactly what, I imagine I could search for the old thread. But - I won’t, because I’m not really caring how it was in the past - I’m interested in today.

Does Codea still do file “cleanup” in a manner that would mess up applying git to the Documents directory?

It does, though I believe your beta version does not. Nat Pryce has a good blog post on using Codea with git - I don’t have the link on hand but it should be easy to find on Google.

Is this something we’re thinking of fixing “for reals”? Simply because I dislike one-offs; if I get a good thing going with git, I want to share, and having “you must be using a beta test version of Codea” is a fairly lofty requirement.

I’ll go look for Nat’s post…

No, it actually causes issues in the beta version - I leave the files there because testers wanted it when having the file system mounted. Nat’s post is written with the store version in mind - so it should work for both.

Hi guys,

I hate to push this, but I will - this raises the issue of remote development then download finished code. Either as a Codea interpreter on PC/Mac or as conversion with loveCodea. You can sync and manage your code better with both these options.

In the interim I would encourage, and support, @codeslinger in his completion of loveCodea as it is the quickest means to sort the problem. Longer term I’d love to see a PC/Mac interpreter.




Yes, we’d love to do a Mac interpreter. Some of the rendering systems will need to be re-written, however. This will take a lot of time.


No mention of PC interpreter or loveCodea !!!



By PC I assume you mean Windows? Or do you mean Linux?

That would require a complete re-write, as the core foundation classes, and Cocoa, are not available on those platforms. (And Objective-C is poorly supported.)

Hi Simeon,

By PC I mean either Windows or Linux. I’m sure Linux would support the development better as it is a very big development package.

On the C support - I’ve no experience and can’t comment, poor support would definitely kick that to lower priority.

The simplest package is however loveCodea. If your team have insufficient resources why not identify the holes in the existing package (from @codeslinger) and see if you can get some support from the community. I’d help, but I doubt if my programming skills would suffice.



Bortels: my article about using Git with Codea is here:

@bri_g - actually, no.

What I’m aiming at is to be sitting at my desktop, ssh’d into my iPad, and edit the codea files on the fly, with a revision system in place, and be able to run them iteratively.

I’d also like to be able to mess with codea locally, knowing that when I get online again I have a good history I can roll back to. I’d rather have that locally, but whatever, and even if I did I’d want it online as well.

At no point do I desire to run codea programs on my Mac (or Linux box). If I wanted that, I’d be using love2d. Would it be nice if we could? Sure. But my target platform is the iPad. I want to run everything on my iPad. But I do like a big screen, real keyboard and mouse, and revision control for heavy coding…

(on love2d, I’d actually like to see the opposite - id like a shim that lets me run love2d stuff under codea.)