Getting the size of a sprite and tiling backgrounds [ANSWERED]

Is there a way to get the size of a sprite without looking at it in the sprite browser? I would like this not only for the heck of it, but to make a tiled background. If you have time, please post a snippet of code of how to do that. If you can’t tell, I’m a little rusty on programming right now.

You can specify width and height when you draw the sprite. Does that help?

Nope - I’ve wanted this too. I ended up just looking at the size of the sprite in the browser and setting variables (because I was only using one sprite). The sprites should all be the same size (for things like walls and such) - they’re made to tile.

Great. Another feature for @Simeon. And for tiling… I’m trying to get the top of the wood block as a floor. I’m trying to layer it just like in dungeon roller so you wonky see the top of the floor. I know you put a for loop in a for loop but I can’t get the right numbers. Can I get some help with that?