Getting Started with Cider

Hi, I am fairly new here, and just getting started.

I need to know step-by-step how to set up Cider in a project in Codea.

Please comment if you can help.

Like I said I am just getting started and it looks like this would fit with what I need for my project.

Do you know LUA? If not, you should probably be learning it before you want to use Cider.

I have learned the basics of LUA. I am more familiar with HTML/JavaScript though.

So it should not be too difficult then.
I have no link for you, but i am sure sby will post one soon.

Ok, have you set up cider before then? Maybe you could just give me some basic instructions, mostly where to copy in the cider code, and where to copy in the cider controls?

It is there

That shows me where to get the code but not where to paste it, thanks though.

You paste the code in 2 separate projects.
You make one depend on the other (dont remember which one): check the dependancy menu.
Then you run this project and you see many working exanples.
Then you copy and tweek what you want to your own project.
If this is not clear enough, then you should practice codea a little bit more before trying to use cider, you are not ready yet, young padawan ! :wink:
(i mean: cider is great, but you need to have some experience with codea to use it)

Ok, thank you.

That should be enough to get me going. Mostly I didn’t realize I had to paste it in 2 different projects.

Also if you have a good (free) site that has Lua tutorials, links would be much appreciated.

Again thank you, and thanks for the warm welcome!

Tap the wiki button on top of this page, there is a tutorial section with excelent links. Welcome on board!

Hey, sorry to be absent from this conversation (and messages). I was out for the weekend.

Sounds like you’re on your way. And I’m reminded again that I really, really need to get around to writing that documentation.

If it wasn’t clear from above, you’ll need to copy all the CiderControls7 code and then save it to a project called… CiderControls7. Then copy all the Cider code and save it to a project called (wait for it)… Cider. Then open the Cider project, go to the plus sign in the upper right of the screen, and add CiderControls7 as a dependency of the Cider project.

One thing that will save you a lot of headaches: when pasting in code, tab placement can be problematic. In CiderControls7, make sure that Frame is the first tab on the left, followed by Control. The rest of the tabs shouldn’t matter. You can actually run CiderControls7 as a project itself. If you get a screen full of sample controls, everything should be good.

Yes, but when I try to paste the code in a project, the Codea app crashes!

@aurumcoder2624 Next time, please start a new discussion and link back to this one, this is from 2013…but to answer your problem, do you have enough space to save it? (“Storage almost full?” Settings > general > usage: 0 bytes available?)

No, 2.5 GB (2,500 MB) but my iPad is iPad 2 and 16 GB…

@aurumcoder2624 - make sure you copy all the code into separate tabs as advised by Mark higher up