GameCenter live multiplayer with objc bindings

So, I currently have a Swift app that does live multiplayer over GameCenter.

It’d take some digging in the old forums to find it, but I also got live multiplayer working over GameCenter with the old-style communication bridge between objc and Codea.

So I currently have two sets of Game Center multiplayer code, and it seems to me there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to get live Game Center multiplayer working with the objc bindings, but I’ll need help.

@jfperusse, would you be willing to work together on this? I’ll do the boots-on-the ground work if you’ll try to be available to consult on snags that come up.

Hi @UberGoober. Had you taken a look at my sample here? ChatGPT4 tries using objc bindings with Game Center - #4 by jfperusse

If you have questions on how to implement something specific, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Sorry, I hadn’t seen that! Looks like some great stuff.