Game Tiles

Hello! Although I’m new on this blog, I’ve been following it for some time now and I would like to send you a game, well actually two. You need to pick three tiles with the same figure until the board is empty, this way you can move to next level.

@domingo Nice games. Just had a quick play, but I’ll have to look at them later on when I have more time. Welcome to the forum and I hope we’ll see more.

@domingo fun game! I still haven’t beaten the first level but was able to understand it easily enough

I didn’t realise you have a limited number of “Shuffles” until I ran out

Just made it to level six, I feel like it would be great if the tiles along the bottom slid back to fill in the gaps when you make a group of three. Having the empty spacing in between them makes me want them to slide together

@domingo - addictive games, thanks for posting. Can you expand on the rules - a few questions -

  1. What is the function of the two arrows at the end.
  2. What does the text at the end of each level mean?
  3. If there are lives involved could you print them in screen - so we can see progress.

I find the left screen game very addictive, the right hand screen game is also addictive but but the clues from the greyed out tiles behind a little difficult to decipher - not enough of the tile behind showing to make choices from.

Thanks for posting - they should keep my grand-kids busy for a while!!!

p.s. I echo @Simeons sliding tiles comment. Also, if you show the empty spaces in a grid (or with a central point in each grid space) it would be easier to interpret the number of tile spaces free.

Thanks again for posting and welcome to the forum.

@domingo - another issue, probably a bug - if you have a few tiles in the bottom tile row and you tap on them it moves the tile to an empty space in the row and adds one to the number of tiles present in the row. If you only had one space left the you lose. I think the selected row should be an illegal touch (unless you need it for another function?).

I send you again the game with some corrected errors. The two arrows below are used to shuffle the board pieces, it can be done up to 3 times on the first game and 8 on the second one. It gets more and more difficult on each new level.

@domingo - update seems slicker graphically on both. Clues better in right hand game, message ‘OK’ helps here and in other countries. Anyone know of a language detection system so that you can apply relevant text?

Seems a little easier. Would be useful to have a button for the entwined arrows - with a number on it reflecting tries left.

Got up to level 9 on the left hand game - it is addictive.

Thanks again for posting.

@domingo - got an error here, image shows the problem.