GAME JAM: Space Flight! (Update #6) (Version 1.1.1)


Space Flight!

The Objective

Playing as an astronaut, your objective is to get as many charges as possible, while avoiding the teleporting ESD’s (ElectroStatic Discharge) before succumbing to the strength of the black hole. As you gather more charge, the blackhole suction will increase.


New Hardcore Mode Video

Current Features

  • Achievements!

  • Game Recording!

  • Easter Eggs!

  • Dynamic Background!


function setup()
        function(d) loadstring(d)() setup() end,
        function(e) print(e) end

How it relates to the theme

‘Space Flight!’ Is all about adapting and RESPONDING to changing charge locations while dealing with the speed of the character.

Leave any feedback below :slight_smile:

Edited main post for changes to entry.

blackhole Interstellar

@firewolf, I don’t understand that, explain?

Updated above post. Code now included

I feel like this is ‘just’ this program that you made earlier, and added something to it (avoid obstacles)

I could be wrong tho xD

@stevon8ter, 98% of it is that project, and I thought it would be easier to take an old game and improve on it rather than start from scratch.

Added unlockable hardcore mode and new achievement.

Patched a broken achievement.

Forgot to mention, tapping 5 times on the main menu will clear the assets and close the game

I like the tweet achievement! How do you get the project to save its own icon?

I haven’t been able to play this though. I get the error “184: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘TEST’)” in the Main tab (also, I have two Main tabs when I install from Pastebin)

Yeah - I got that same error but just commented the line out and it ran (did a search for TEST which didn’t appear anywhere else in the code)

Cool, got it working. 26% is my high score

Haha, whoops! That was part of an abandoned feature, must’ve forgot to remove it!


I mage an image, SetContext’d it till i had the logo, and saved it as ‘Project:Icon’