Game Centre Simulation

To implement Game Center more easily into Codea, I have created a helper class that simulates the different calls that you would add into Xcode after you export your solution. By doing it this way, now I only have to un-comment the 1 line in and then change 1 boolean to “false” and it works.

I have tested it and it seems to work. Just want to make sure someone else does not see an problems with it.

-- Simulates the use of Game Center, so you can actually write the calls in Codea and still test on the iPad

if (DEBUG_GAMECENTER == true) then
    function GameCenterClass()
        -- the new instance
        local self = {          

        function self.enabled()
            -- simulates that Game Center is logged in
            return true
        function self.showLeaderboards(leaderboardID)
            -- Show leaderboards
            if (leaderboardID == nil) then
                alert("Game Center leaderboard screen will pop up.", "Game Center Simulation")
                alert("Game Center leaderboard with ID " .. leaderboardID .. " will pop up.", "Game Center Simulation")
        function self.showAchievements()
            -- Show achievements
            alert("Game Center achievement screen will pop up.", "Game Center Simulation") 
        function self.submitScore(score, leaderboardID)
            -- simulates submitting a score to Game Center
            if (leaderboardID == nil) then
                alert("Default Leaderboard updated with score " .. score, "Game Center Simulation")
                alert("Leaderboard with ID " .. leaderboardID .. " updated with score " .. score, "Game Center Simulation")

        function self.submitAchievement(achievementID, percent)
            -- simulates submitting an achievement to Game Center
            alert("Achievement with ID " .. achievementID .. " updated to " .. percent .. "%", "Game Center Simulation")

        -- return the instance
        return self
    -- create a global instance and call it "gamecenter"
    -- the exact name you need to impliment when you make the changes in Xcode
    -- but now you can do it locally :)
    gamecenter = GameCenterClass()    

Nice idea, thanks for sharing. I added 3 tildes ~~~ to your post so that it displays as a code block.