Galaxian Clone - Code on GitHub

A little project I have been working on, over 1500 lines of lua. Still kinda buggy, but working on fixes. Hope to get it on the AppStore soon. Let me know on GitHub if you find any bugs.

Update - Apple rejected the app based on the fact there were other similar games on the store.

Wow, very retro. I love it


Looks like a neat galaga clone. Will you be posting the project code? I for one would like to see it and gain some insight into how you decided to code it.

When I get the sound done, I will upload to GitHub…

@skar, the code is up on GitHub: Look for the two Galaxian repos, one has the code and the other a custom sprite pack.

@krdavis awesome, thanks for making it publicly available, I’ll see what kinds of tidbits I can gain!

Fixed the static starfield to start moving and added larger buttons.

This has now been added to Codea Community Repo. The project it downloads is the combined code + assets, with asset keys adjusted.

I must say though, it’s a very nice project!

@Steppers, cool, thanks!