Function to set blending mode

It’d be pretty nice to have a way to set some generic blending modes that affected all drawing routines. Something like blend(mode) that took a few different constants, such as ADD, REPLACE, and MULTIPLY (other names for this stuff might be more intuitive). I’m not sure if you’re using GL ES for rendering or not, but it’d be pretty simple to add if so. If not, it might be fairly slow in use (depends on how stuff is being drawn), so may not be very useful to add it.

At any rate, figured I’d throw that out there.

We do use GL ES 2.0 for drawing, so this would be fairly easy to implement.

I like this suggestion.

I don’t know anything about OpenGL, if this is implemented does it mean we can do nice glowy effects?

Yes. Basically it changes how the pixels you are rendering blend with the pixels in the background - similar to Photoshop’s blending modes.

Additive is the sort you would use for glowing particle effects.

Thanks Simeon… +1 for this then :wink: