From Unity to Js to Codea


This is my wallpaper now

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I don’t really understand this image. What does it mean?

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Nice to see you here @Dinoball901 !

I think it means something different to everyone who views it :stuck_out_tongue:

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basically for me i crawled away from unity after not being able to understand everything about it, i went on to learn other languages and engines, although not godot or unreal, then i thought about making my own engine and after that i found codea which basically helped me learn to become a coding god,

the left bottom part is a meme a found and the added codea and buddah was by me, basically representing the level of struggle one has to go through to master that craft but also if you defeat it you’re legend


I am having so many bugs on this forum. Want to like the post but i can’t.
This is on point :laughing:

@t1_tracey - yeah, I’ve run into the ‘no-more than 3 posts’ error report several times recently.

Are the forum problems your domain @sim ?

@Bri_G Is it rate limiting you for no apparent reason? I know the forum was updated a few days ago so the issue may have been introduced then. I’ll investigate when I have a moment.

@Bri_G sorry about the forum issues. I need some time to dig into it — it’s definitely an issue with how I have set it up (behind a proxy)

I almost want to rent a new VPS just to host the forums so I can ditch the proxy manager nonsense :laughing:

@steppers - it’s not limiting me other than reporting/discussing issues as it won’t allow extended discussions. Can’t see why a feature like that should be an asset for a forum.