forum video bug?

each time i try to play a forum posted video, i get an error… Is it only me?

Not only you…if you are on mobile, just long press on it and hit “open” or “open in new tab.” Those are the solutions I’ve had. I really have nothing to complain about, I used to not be able to see videos at all on my iPad on the forums. :smiley:

@Jmv38 I get this error message whenever I try a video.

An error occurred, please try again later.
Learn more.

@Jmv38 @TheSolderKing @dave1707 I also get this error, what I do to watch the video, is press the play button, then the another video seems to appear (the youtube style one), all I do then is, in the upper right corner of the video, press ‘youtube’ and it’ll open the app (or site) to the video, this has had succes every time for me

@stevon8ter Thanks for the tip. Works great.

@stevon8ter thanks