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@Simeon How would you like us moderators to handle instances of old threads (over a year old) being bumped? It seems to be happening more often. There is little discussion about the bumped code and it’s usually asking for the posters Code to the project. If the bumped post is of a useless nature to the community should we lock the thread so it falls back down?

How should we handle thread where users are demanding that we do their homework for them? I get a little annoyed when the user asks a homework related question stating that they need it asap and then bump the thread when there is not a response within 5 minutes.

I mainly use the moderator powers to delete spam on the activity page but I was just wondering with the influx of new users what we should and shouldn’t do.

I really would like to keep this community as the fun and helpful community it is.

@Andrew_Stacey - how could I possibly delete your discussion on number precision? (sorry I didn’t make that clear earlier)

lol @ignatz the deleted posts dropped me below my 1000th post :stuck_out_tongue: And I made it back here!

I’m not sure it’s nessesary to install the plugin. If someone bumps an old discussion and is actually adding to it then I see that as helpful. Maybe we just sink old discussions that pop up with useless bump posts. That way they can still be posted it but they will just stay at the bottom?

@Ignatz Sorry, then. I thought there was a discussion about precision in Codea’s mathematics that had been deleted - there’s a new question about it and from your comment there it appeared that the old one had been deleted.

@Zoyt I’d back installing that plugin. Even if someone wants to resurrect an old discussion, it would be better for them to start a new one and summarise the old one than to simply post at the bottom of the new one.

I’m not sure that those discussions should have been deleted. Closed, maybe, but not deleted. Other people contributed to those discussions and might not be so happy at having their contributions removed.

I checked and apart from one with a long discussion on pi, to which you contributed - and which I did not delete - there was nothing very noteworthy.

The poster was feeling ashamed of how he’d behaved and wanted another chance, and I thought that was fair enough.

There is a setting on Vanilla forums to allow you to automatically close forums older than a certain age. You might try that, if it’s getting annoying. Although, I do agree that there are some threads that were cool that I had missed. I personally thing that we should add the Kudos (I think that’s the name) add on to make it so users have certain privileges. So you start without the ability to post links, then eventually you can do things like upload files to the forums (which is another add on that should be added). Just my opinion.

This seems like the right place to say that the user who was been creating all the forum problems recently, skullagepk, asked me to delete all his discussions because he realises he has been a jerk.

Here’s hoping he turns over a new leaf.

Okey-dokey - my mistake for getting confused as to which discussions had been deleted.

I do think that old posts should be automatically closed. If someone wants to resurrect a topic then they should post a new discussion, summarising the key points from the old one, and explaining their reason for re-igniting the debate. What happens now is that someone posts a one-liner meaning that to reply one has to read through the entirety of the old discussion to figure out what’s going on.

(Stackexchange’s “close as duplicate” is quite good for this sort of thing)

I have nothing against old threads bumping up. Thanks to this i have discovered sometimes quite interesting discussions… And since the search tool still doesnt work (at least on ipad 1), i would just leave it alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some old threads bumped that are awesome, I’ll even bump some myself. But when it’s off topic and the bumps are not leading to any serious dicussion I’d like to see them fall back down.

I think it’s up to the regular forum users to decide these questions.

Bumping old stuff is a newbie thing and only takes a couple of friendly warnings to sort out, usually.

The homework thing is something we will keep getting and I think we just have to make a judgement on the effort being made by the poster.

Our policy is usually to sink discussions that are basically off topic replies to old posts so that it doesn’t keep getting bumped.

@John Thanks for the clarification.

Just to warn you, RevJimmy is among us. He is apparently building 100 projects in 100 days for Jesus.

I deleted his first post, full of religious stuff in ALL CAPS, and messaged him, asking him to respect others and keep religion out of his posts. This is his reply.

"RevJimmy sent you a message.


Please respect my posts and stop deleting them. I am sharing the wealth given to me by CHRIST JESUS all my programs hold JESUS IS LORD in them and all my source code holds JESUS IS LORD in it.

It’s not about respecting others it’s about how you have just disrespected me by deleting a legitimiate post about someone who complete 14 projects in 14 days and documented it with PROOF!

Do you have such projects? Have you ever completed such a project in such record time?

Stop this nonsense I’m never talking to you ever again over the internet because every time I post here I get this same bs about respect. I respect GOD, not you.


Is it agreed we don’t want this kind of stuff in the forum, and that it should be deleted?

@Ignatz - How about he tries this site on Stack Exchange instead:
Ya, we’re not a forum about religion. If he wants to share his projects, that’s great. If he could just keep religion out of it, that’d be great.

I deleted RevJimmy’s account.