Forum Feature Suggestion

Why not give us the ability to close our own posts?

@Toxyn Do you have a post you want closed. You have the ability to EDIT any post you created just in case you don’t want anyone to see what you posted by mistake.

@Toxyn best thing to do to delete a post is edit it and replace what you want with a # sign. I’m not sure if vanilla does this but editing with ‘#’ should show up as blank when left by itself.

No, I just want to be able to close discussions to prevent them from being bumped and getting off topic

I think the person that made the post should be able to close it

Posts usually get closed when they get out of hand. That’s determined by a Mod. Of the thousand or so post on the forum, very few had to be closed.

I know but the person who started the discussion should have the ability to close it

Once a post is closed, it sinks and no one can comment on it even if they wanted to. So a post shouldn’t be closed unless it’s really necessary. So why give everyone the ability to do something that they shouldn’t do anyways. The less people that control something, the more stable it remains.

Ah well it was only a suggestion