Forum code copy for iOS 8

Since I recently updated my iPad Air to iOS 8 (big mistake), I noticed that I can’t copy some of the forum code. As usual, Apple screwed things up with their update because I have no problem copying any forum code on my iPad 1 running iOS 5. It seems I can copy small programs, but larger one just won’t select/copy. I managed to find a way to do it. If it won’t select for copy on a single tap, what works is a tap, tap slide. In other words, tap the screen then immediately tap and slide the second time. This will leave the up/down slider pins that can now be moved to select the code.

EDIT: Just an example, I can’t do a normal copy on Luatee’s “A present for everyone”. I have to do the tap, tap slide.

@Simeon There are times when I can’t exit a discussion because none of the buttons at the top respond. I have to tap “All Discussions” under “Start a New Discussion” to get out.

Yes, I have the same trouble copying code. My solution, being a mod, is to edit the post with the code, then it copies easily.

I used to select any text above or below the code and then drag the copy area into the code. But once I figured out the tap, tap slide, I do that now and it’s a lot easier.

you could use CodeaShowcase to load the code from the post link.

I also made the mistake of installing iOS 8.1 on iPad 3 - and it really seems to have slowed stuff down.
My advice - unless you really really have to - don’t do it! :frowning: