folders inside project assets?

i’ve found nothing addressing this, happy to read a thread if there is one.

i have zillions of assets in my dungeon program. it would be convenient to segment them into subfolders. can i do that safely with saveProjectData somehow? or is there a GUI way?


@RonJeffries I haven’t been able to figure out how to get subfolders into the projects folder. I don’t know it this might help, but you can something like


where subname can be a one name and name some other name. This will cause the images to be sorted by name within the subname. That might help you segment them into some sort of alpha order until subfolders can be created.

@RonJeffries This is something planned for Codea 4. I’ll also look into whether I can add this functionality to the 3.x branch

@RonJeffries - I’m sure I managed to do this way back in the early days. But, I think successive OS updates have restricted access. I created an external folder, added the project icons and plist then a folder for images together with images and code files. Then adding the folder to the Codea folder.
Tried to do it by exporting a project in zip form and unzipping then adding the. Internal folder and images before rezipping and trying to install - but didn’t work and messy. I’ll wait for V4 and use the table of assets approach with dependencies that I mentioned earlier.until then - I think that’s still a better approach as you only built it once as a resource for many projects.