Simple example of fish based on meshes


Now with touch interaction - tap on the glass to startle the fish

@West - very neat thanks for that. Good demo for Codea.

Hi All, I’ve added the latest version of this onto the new community repo app.

It’s a very nice little demo :smile:

@West I love it, very cool example of meshes

Here is an updated version - this one has a fake depth feel - move your device around and the background adjusts - tap to zoom in. Also have a version with images cropped from photos for a more realistic feel but it’s too large to post here. @Steppers can you let me know how I can upload to the WebRepo or where to send the file?

That’s about a billion times better with the photo images.

That looks fantastic! Assuming it’s just the zip you uploaded I can sort it from that. Mind if I add this as a separate project? ‘Fish with depth’ instead?

I quite liked the previous version too so would like to keep them both :slight_smile:

@Steppers no the zip I uploaded is the same effect but using the 2D mesh graphics from the original. The “photo-realistic” one from the video is about 10Mb zipped and won’t go in the forum. Can send via Dropbox and a PM if that’s ok?

@UberGoober yes - I much prefer it

@West I’ve added this (using the name ‘Fishtank’) and ‘Fish Fingered Barry’ to WebRepo.